Daniel Oliva

By: barrettmusic on August 23, 2021

Guitar, Electric Bass, Drums, Piano

Daniel is from Palm Beach, and began playing guitar at age 12. He has since learned how to play bass, drums, and piano. He won multiple local competitions throughout his childhood schooling, and attended the School of Rock of South Palm Beach where he learned how to play with a full band. He also began playing live at different venues in the area with his own band which he also writes songs for. 

At Florida State University, Daniel played for FSU’s Rock Ensemble. He was in 4 bands during his time at FSU having released 3 EPs and an album. With the band he drummed for, he had the opportunity to play with Aly and AJ from the Disney Channel, and other national acts such as Japanese Breakfast, and Post Animal. 

Daniel specializes in contemporary music, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, and Country. He also has years of experience recording, mixing and mastering on Ableton Live, LogicXPro, Garage Band, and ProTools. His solo project, Golden Hour Trees, has released 17 songs on every major streaming platform.

Specializations: Acoustic & Electric Guitar Technique, Performance, Bass technique, Drums, recording software, ear training.

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