Dueling Guitars

Dueling Guitars

Dueling Guitars – The Best Live Music in Tampa

Are you looking for live music in Tampa? But do you want a unique experience for your customers? We can do better than one gig performer. Barrett School of Music offers dueling guitars for your venue or event! Our network of professional musicians includes guitarists who are waiting to elevate your customers’ experience.


Interactive Entertainment

Enliven your next happy hour, dinner service or event with live music in Tampa. Your customers will be invited to join in on the fun with two of our professional guitarists at your venue. Dueling guitars thrive on each other’s improvisation. Plus, you’ve got to see our raw talent. Our request-based performances allow your customers to choose the music they want. So it’s the ultimate customization. The highest bidders (tippers!) hear their requests sooner. Thus your customers are encouraged to stay. All the while, they’re engaged with some friendly competition.

Also, we supply a production assistant to take song requests from your customers. Essentially, this ensures that our performance is an immersive experience. Forget those lackluster birthday chants that your staff don’t want to sing anyway. Dueling guitars from The Barrett School of Music make any night memorable for your patrons. We personalize songs. Audience members are called up to sing. You may even catch a serenade on stage from our musicians for special occasions in our crowd. Clearly, you can expect more instagram tags and Faccebook posts from customers!

We surpass audience demands with our ever-evolving repertoire. Our team includes 80’s classics, 90’s rap, top 40 hits, and everything in between. We have even taught ourselves songs on our breaks. That’s exemplary customer service! Lone gig performers provide little more than background noise and often lack the experience required to truly engage an audience. Let our guitarists lightheartedly battle it out for the prize of your crowd’s participation. 

our dueling guitars team performing live music in TampaOur Passion, Your Community

When you choose The Barrett School of Music, our Director and Bay Area native, Laura Hollis, works with you. She is a master curator! And she will select two guitarists to complement your venue. Our stylistic diversity and musical integrity are what inspire us to help other local businesses. Our clients are empowered to connect with their communities. With our dueling guitars, your customers stay engaged and eager for more. Push your business to the forefront of the live music scene in Tampa. Let The Barrett School of Music enhance your patrons’ experience with our professional dueling guitars.     

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