Guitar Lessons in Clearwater and Palm Harbor

guitar-lessons-in-clearwaterGuitar Lessons in Clearwater

Our talented teaching team is now offering lessons in Pinellas County! Families in Tampa Bay have enjoyed the comfort and convenience of in-home teaching, and now we’re taking that same excellence to Clearwater and Palm Harbor.

The Barrett School of Music offers lessons for kids and adults of all ages! These lessons are fully catered to each family’s needs. Whether you’re a budding superstar looking to make it big, or a hobby musician who just wants to have fun, our teachers are here for you. Students learn the fundamentals of music reading, technique-focused playing, and passionate singing. Students taking guitar lessons in Clearwater will feel confident in their abilities!



guitar lessons in Clearwater

About BSM

Our students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun events throughout the year. Students taking guitar lessons in Palm Harbor and Clearwater will have a chance to perform in recitals, masterclasses, and community events.

In the past year, the students at Barrett School of Music have performed in our Holiday Concert and Virtual Spring Recital. In addition to recitals, we teamed up with the Kids Market for our Summer Series, where students got to show off their skills at the Westshore Mall! In addition to solo performing, the studio offers four amazing Summer Camps – Musical Theater Camp, String Chamber Ensemble Camp, Music Camp in Brandon, and our newest addition, Grarageband Camp. Throughout the year, students taking guitar lessons in Clearwater can also participate in community events and perform in masterclasses!

Guitar Lessons for All Ages

In our private guitar lessons, students move at whatever pace is right for them. Kids who have never picked up an instrument before will feel comforted and encouraged. And parents communicate with our teachers directly, so any questions or concerns can be addressed right away!

Teens in our studio enjoy a low-pressure environment where they can make other musical friends, and cheer each other on. Stage fright will be a thing of the past, as each student is celebrated for their accomplishments and hard work.

We also teach adults! Whether you played as a kid or are wanting to learn something new, our studio will make a custom weekly schedule to fit your skill level. Adults taking guitar lessons in Palm Harbor can participate in our events, collaborate with our teachers, or just play privately and enjoy their new creative outlet.

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