Holiday Concert

Barrett School of Music Holiday Concert

Come celebrate the season with Barrett School of Music! Our holiday concert is a tradition, and this is our third year in the making.

Each student prepares 1 song of their choosing. Most often, our kids choose a Christmas song. However, it’s not uncommon to hear a Hanukkah song or a piece celebrating some other winter holiday. We’ve also had plenty of spooky Halloween songs! And we don’t want to leave out our kids who just love performing and not the holidays! There are several students that simply showcase a song they’re enjoying in their lessons right now.

The point is to offer a comfortable and light performance during a busy, stressful time of year. Often, our newest students and shy performers make their debut on the stage at this concert. It’s laid back and even comical at times. Sometimes there’s even a sing-along. This performance is intended to bring a smile to everyone’s face. We’re creating a reprieve from the craziness!

Setting the Stage…

We like to keep it cozy, so instead of sitting in the audience, we’ll all crowd on the stage together. Your family or group of friends can bring a warm blanket to sit on, and we’ll all surround the musicians as they share their favorite seasonal piece. Generally, this performance pulls in about 20 students and an audience of about 90.

Bonus Items

This year we’re all going to sport an ugly holiday sweater – performers and supporters alike! We want to see it all. Coordinated family sweaters. All the accessories you can find. Boots, stockings, scarves, leg warmers of the most obnoxious variety.

Afterwards, we’ll have our traditional cookie party, so bring sure to bring a plate to share.

Join us December 1st at 5:30pm at the Friday Morning Musicale in Hyde Park! It’s going to be the cutest holiday party of the season.

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Phone: 813-293-4594