Barrett School of Music Spring Recital

Barrett School of Music Spring Recital

Come celebrate the end of the school year with Barrett School of Music! Our spring recital is a tradition, and this is our eighth year running.

Typically, each student prepares one solo to share with the audience. We have four year olds making their debut on stage, as well as high schoolers coming off of their college auditions at major music schools. Our performers range from piano solos, small string chamber ensembles, vocal solos and duets and guitarists of all shapes and sizes. Some of our kids play “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” While others sing their favorite Hamilton or Aladdin piece. Still others showcase Classical, Jazz or pop music.

The goal is to offer a professional yet hospitable environment where our diverse student base can share what they’ve been learning with family and friends. The performance is intended to put a smile on everyone’s face. We hope our students are able to share their personality through music and maybe learn new genres or pieces they’d like to study in the future.

Setting the Stage…

We ask our performers and guests to dress up a little bit for this performance. So, no jeans please. This is our biggest event, and we want to celebrate the progress our kids have made over the school year. Plus, we hope to get some adorable pictures for mom and dad!

All of our students will sit in performance order. And our teaching team will be there to arrange everyone correctly. This will ensure and efficient day for us all and save us a lot of time!

Bonus Items

Afterwards, please join us for the after party! Each family will bring a dish to share. This is a great opportunity for our students and parents to meet other families in the studio. These are your neighbors and classmates. Maybe, you’ll see a co-worker or family from your child’s sports team. We love that, and we hope to get to know you a little bit better on that day too.

Join us April 26th at 5:30pm at the Friday Morning Musicale in Hyde Park! It’s going to be the most fun music recital ever.

Student registration is $30 per soloist, and $50 for students needing accompaniment.


Phone: 813-293-4594