Music Creation Summer Camp in Tampa

Join our Tampa music school for our 2022 music summer camp in Tampa featuring music production! Is your child constantly making up little melodies in their head? Or on their instrument? Perhaps, they create their own music with friends. Fortunately, we have the perfect 2022 music summer camp in Tampa for you!

Music Creation Summer Camp in Tampa


2022 Music Creation Summer Camp in Tampa!

Music Creation Summer Camp is Tampa’s best camp for your creative music lover.

What to Expect
First and foremost, you should expect a happy camper! Our students return every year to their favorite 2021 music summer camp in Tampa.

At first, we will teach the program basics. This will be a fun experiment! Did you know you can plug an instrument directly into your device to record and notate music? A unique creation in minutes!

Furthermore, we’ll share pro tips from professional musicians and artists. If your student is already exploring music tech platforms, this is the fun part. Essentially, we can bypass the frustrations and early hang ups we see our kids go through. More so, we’ll play along with them for bigger pieces. Or, we can mend their technique on their instrument to curate a better composition.

Plus, our expert music instructor, Steve, will make sure this music summer camp in Tampa is accessible to kids of all skill levels. And we will group them to suit their unique interests!

Music Production
During camp, our amazing teaching team will work with our kids to produce at least one complete song by week’s end. Students will leave with a recording of their own original piece, as well as sheet music to share!

Additionally, students will have the option to set their piece to visuals of their choice using video programs like iMovie! We encourage students to choose a theme to channel their productions. So, we’re expecting everything from Lion King and Aladdin, to Star Wars and Pokemon.

Gear Requirements and Recommendations
Each student at our 2022 music summer camp in Tampa will need to provide their own apple or pc device. And we strongly recommend a tablet with keyboard, or a touch-screen laptop. Also, each student will need headphones and a charger for their device.

Lastly, if your student would like to use an instrument, we are happy to direct you to the proper cables if needed. This is not necessary or possible for all instruments. But it can be helpful for instruments with hook ups.

Of course, we are happy to answer your tech questions before camp starts.

Camp Dates:
July 25th – 29th

Camp times: 12:30-pm – 3:30pm

Location: CL Space

Cost: $150

Optional full day add on 
Bundle Music Creation Summer Camp in Tampa 2022 with our Musical Theater Camp for a full day camp, 9am – 3:30pm. (Students bring a lunch.)

Ask us about sibling discounts.

Questions? Call us at 813-999-2829

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