Viola, piano, violin, ukulele, cello

Leah Herring

Leah was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico when she was very young. Then she moved to Tampa, Florida when she was in high school. She graduated from Seminole High School in 2018 and was accepted into the University of South Florida School of Music program where she is currently studying music education.

Leah had her first experience with music when her mom had her take piano lessons when she was 7. Leah took piano lessons for 8 years and in that time she was also introduced to orchestra when she had to take an orchestra class in elementary school. She instantly fell in love with orchestra and the viola and participated in every school orchestra from elementary to high school. In her last year of high school, Leah started taking private viola lessons because she wanted to study the viola in college. Leah has been apart of many solo and ensemble programs throughout her years in middle and high school. She was also part of Seminole High School’s chamber group. Leah is now studying the viola and music education at the USF School of Music with John Posadas.

Leah graduated from Seminole High School in Seminole, Florida with a 4.0 GPA and is currently studying at the University of South Florida for a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education.

Leah has performed in many different public school orchestras and has performed with the USF Symphony Orchestra. She also regularly gives solo performances in the viola studio at the USF School of Music. In addition, Leah plays in a viola choir led by John Posadas.

Leah loves when she is teaching a student and she can see the passion and love for music start to develop in a student. Leah grew up around great mentors for her growth in music and she hopes to replicate the great experiences she had growing up for students that she has the privilege of teaching.


Classical Viola, Piano, Violin, Music Theory



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