Catherine Krause

Catherine Krause


Tampa, Brandon, Sarasota, and Ruskin.



Violin, Viola, Piano.



Catherine was born in Sarasota, Florida. And she graduated from Booker High School of Visual and Performing Arts. At this time, she experienced orchestra, marching band and chorus. Additionally, she obtained her AA degree in Music Performance from State College of Florida. Currently, she is pursuing her Bachelor’s in Music Education from the University of South Florida.


Started Music Career:

Catherine first started playing the viola and singing when she was 11. Furthermore, she decided to learn the violin in high school. And then she learned the piano and clarinet! Her world revolved around music. She saw it as her passion. She got involved in all state symposiums, marching band competitions, quartets, teacher associations, and a national middle school chorus competition in Washington D.C. Catherine started her first job as a music assistant secretary before she graduated at State College of Florida.



Catherine graduated from Booker High School with a 3.5 GPA, obtained her AA degree in Violin Performance from State College of Florida, and currently pursuing her BM in Music Education from University of South Florida.


Area of Focus:

Violin Performance, Music Theory, Music History, Music Therapy.


Favorite aspect of teaching:

Catherine hopes to teach her students that people may walk into a concert hall feeling empty or tired. However, their departure is based on how well you executed your craft. She is eager to broaden students’ horizons and capture the importance of music.



Catherine has performed in Sarasota Pops Orchestra, Venice Symphony and the Bradenton Symphony Orchestra. Also, her most significant performance was for the Violins of Hope and the ABC News. Furthermore, she played on The View Show. Plus, she performed on a violin from the Holocaust in honor and remembrance for the Jewish community. In addition, she has also performed solo recitals, weddings and other gigs throughout the state.