Dom D’Virgilio

Dom D’Virgilio


Tampa, Land o Lakes, Brandon, Wesley Chapel


Piano, Guitar, Drums, Bass


Dom was born in Chicago and grew up listening to great music given by his dad and family throughout the years. He started playing piano at 8 yrs old and has adored it since. Since then, he’s added guitar, drums, and bass to his musical collection. Through his diverse instrumental studies, he also became deeply passionate about music production.

Started Music Career:

Dom began studying piano at age 8, and quickly fell in love with music. He has now been studying guitar for 6 years, drums for 4, and bass for 2. He was also heavily involved in his high school choir program as a bass/baritone, and continues to practice singing today. Dom also became interested in the music industry and the process of producing music, leading him to study the subject at FIU.


Dom is currently studying remotely at Florida International University, majoring in Music Business.

Areas of Focus:

Music production, piano technique, music theory, composition

Favorite Aspect of Teaching:

Dom is committed to each individual student’s growth and success throughout their lessons. He enjoys learning the ins and outs of how to effectively capture one’s attention and guide them to their own success in their performances.