Kevin Monk

Kevin Monk





Guitar and Bass Guitar



Kevin Monk is a huge music lover who has a passion for art in whatever form it takes. After having experience teaching beginners in guitar and playing in several bands for four years, Kevin hopes to continue to see students grow in skill and self-expression on their guitars and basses.


Started Music Career:

Picking up the guitar in Kindergarten, putting it down, and then refusing to let it go for six years, after hanging out in high school in the guitar room and finding a love of blues music (and then eventually everything else).



Kevin has an Associates from St. Petersburg College, and it currently pursuing a Bachelors in Art with a minor in education, hoping to one day be an art teacher.


Area of Focus:

Kevin mostly teaches contemporary music for the acoustic/electric guitar and electric bass.


Favorite Aspect of Teaching:

“I love that moment when a student is able to work past a plateau and see them rewarded with better control of their craft.”



Kevin’s working on an acoustic rock album that “will be done when it’s done.”