Tyler Murin

Tyler Murin


South Tampa. The Heights, Carrollwood, Lutz, Wesley Chapel


Drum set.


Tyler is from Crystal River Florida and graduated from the Academy of Environmental Science.  He is a third-year Communications major at the University of South Florida, and has made music his full-time job. He has a history of involvement in teaching in many capacities, from teaching drums to substitute teaching in the public school system and private tutoring.  

Started Music Career:

Tyler spent his entire life improving his musical skills.  During his childhood, he quickly realized his primary passion was drumming, and proceeded to join many different bands throughout middle school and high school, performing in festivals around Florida.  His first job was teaching drums, and he has actively continued this path for the past five years. Today, Tyler has turned drumming into his full-time job, mostly through performing on a weekly basis, as well as mixing and recording other artists.


Tyler graduated from the Academy of Environmental Science, one of the top charter schools in Florida in 2016.  He has since been working toward his BA in Communications at the University of South Florida.

Area of Focus:

Drum set performance across all music genres.

Favorite Aspect of Teaching:

Tyler enjoys sharing what he is the most passionate about, and often times finds himself surprised about what his students can accomplish whether it be starting a band, winning music competitions, or creating drum covers on YouTube.  When his students develop a love for drums and a drive to continue improving, he feels he has accomplished his goal.


Tyler is a veteran festival drummer across the state of Florida. He has performed at The Strawberry Festival, The Manatee Fest, Teenstock and more. Plus, Tyler is also a seasoned studio artist and regularly records for bands of all varieties.