Stephanie Ruscito

Stephanie Ruscito

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Voice, Beginner Piano, Guitar, and Ukulele


Stephanie was surrounded by musicians since she was born! She grew up in Toms River, New Jersey. And her father was in a band with three of her uncles that gigged regularly in New York City. Her father also wrote jingles for local businesses and played piano for their church choir. Stephanie lost her father at the young age of six. However she continued her love of music.

During her adolescent years, Stephanie taught herself piano, guitar and of course singing. As she grew into a teenager, Stephanie started gigging unprofessionally in a band in high school, as well as solo. After high school, Stephanie met her Fiancé Travis, and today they have a career together playing live music and teaching voice lessons in Lutz. Stephanie sings in a jazz duo called The House Cats. They perform all around Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Orlando!

Started Music Career:

Stephanie started singing at age four. She used to sing outside on her swing set so the whole neighborhood could hear!


Stephanie in working on her B.A. in Education at the University of South Florida.

Area of Focus:

Jazz Vocals, Pop Vocals and Musical Theatre Vocals

Favorite Aspect of Teaching:

I sometimes consider myself a late bloomer. So in a way I look up to children with a dedication to music. When you have a passion at a young age, the possibilities are endless! I absolutely love sharing my knowledge and experience in live performance with students. Additionally, I feel privileged to be a part of their amazing musical journey.


In addition to teaching voice lessons in Lutz, Stephanie has performed all around Tampa, Clearwater, and Orlando with the House Cats. She has performed at weddings and corporate events, such as events for Clearwater Jazz Holiday’s High Note Society. Plus, she plays for restaurants, hotels, and clubs including The Hard Rock Cafe, The Le Meridien Hotel, and The Hyatt Regency Clearwater.