September 26, 2018

How To Choose a Music Teacher For Your Child

The time has finally come for your child to start music lessons. Your child has expressed interest in learning how to play a specific instrument and as a family, you have decided to embark on the journey that is music lessons. But with this seemingly innocent request comes an explosion of questions of where to look, what to look for, what does my child need in a teacher, where will they take lessons, and the list just goes on! At the Barrett School of Music in Tampa, we offer private music lessons for kids in a wide selection of instruments from the piano to the violin to the drums and more! The possibilities are endless. Listed below are some frequently asked questions about how to start the process of music lessons for your child.

Is my child ready?

This can be a loaded question and one that really requires the gut and intuition of the parent. While some studios and teachers may have an age requirement others do not. Things to take into consideration are your child’s ability to pay attention, be receptive, ability to listen and comprehend, and their overall enthusiasm. If it is more your idea as a parent to do music lessons than your child’s, the lessons may not be productive. Some children as young as 3 years old are perfectly capable to sit down and engage in a 30-minute lesson whereas another child that is 6 years old may not be ready yet. If you feel your child is ready do not hesitate to talk with the music studio or instructor and try a few classes.

At our music school, we also offer younger students Mommy and Me classes to learn more than cute nursery rhymes and start young children on a musical path.

Where can my child take lessons?

There are many choices when it comes to lessons! You can have an instructor come to your home like at our Tampa and Miami area music school. Or you can also go to their home, take classes a local music studio, or even at a church or community center. Knowing where you want to meet can also help eliminate certain music teachers.

You will also find that your child can be enrolled in private lessons or group lessons or even mommy (and daddy) and me classes! At Barrett School of Music, we offer private music lessons at your home for the most convenient and stress-free environment! We find that it helps to customize music lessons specifically for your child.

How to find a music teacher near Tampa

The most common way parents find their children’s music teachers is by asking around for recommendations whether from friends, family, school teachers, community members, or even other music teachers. Using the Internet is also a good resource as you can find local music schools that are in close proximity to your home.

What to look for in a music teacher

When it comes to finding a qualified instructor do not be afraid to ask questions! Listed below are just a few that you should not be afraid to ask. A few great questions parents ask our Tampa area music school are:

What is our background?

What type of education does the teacher have? How long have they been teaching?

How long are lessons?

Is music theory or history incorporated in lessons?

Are there specific practice or performance requirements?

Do they set goals for progress? Can they provide an example?

What are their fees/policies/cancellation like?

As a parent, it’s good to ask what your involvement and role will be like. Will you help your child practice outside of lessons and should the teacher guide you how to do this?

Music is such a gift and it is one that your child should enjoy! When it comes to choosing the right music teacher for your child, trust your instincts and do not be afraid to ask questions. Pay close attention to your child and make sure that they like the music teacher. After all, your child will be spending a lot of time with them.

At Barrett School of Music, we believe it is very important in the learning of an instrument that the relationship between the instructor and the child be positive. Our Tampa and Miami area music teachers encourage all students to grow musically. We are the right music teacher for your child's musical development. Enrollment is open year round for private, at-home music lessons. Contact our South Tampa based music school today!

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