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voice Lessons in Tampa

Sign up for private voice lessons with us for weekly voice lessons in Tampa with our personable music teachers. In fact, we offer lessons for students of all ages.

Highlights of our Voice lessons in Tampa

Our Teachers

Our teachers are all college-educated musicians, holding or working toward undergraduate and graduate music degrees.  Strong academic backgrounds in music give us the skill to teach through many contexts.

At-home lessons

Private voice lessons from the convenience of your home. Learn to sing, at a place and a time that works for you!

Individual Education

We don’t do cookie-cutter. Therefore, our teachers don’t use the same voice method book at each lesson.


When you register with us, we will meet your scheduling needs. No fighting traffic. No waiting around or entertaining your other children in a strange place.

Most Loved in Tampa

We are the most loved music school in Tampa! Not just according to us, our staff, parents, and students. Hula Frog has awarded us the Most Loved music school in Tampa for the last two years!


Everyone has a different learning style and learns at a different pace. Our teachers adjust our voice lessons to your needs.

About our Tampa Voice Lessons

If you’re looking for voice lessons in Tampa, then look no further! Barrett School of Music is one of Tampa’s top music schools.

Need an experienced Tampa Bay vocal coach? Our local voice teachers come to you for voice lessons in Tampa. We offer our lessons in the convenience of your home.

Sign up for private voice lessons with us for individualized vocal classes in the Tampa Bay area with our personable, qualified music teachers. We offer lessons for students age 4 and up. Contact Barrett School of Music to schedule your Tampa voice lessons!

Why Choose Our Voice Lessons in Tampa?

First and foremost, our teachers are the best! Each member of our team has or is working toward a degree in music. So our instructors’ academic understanding is second to none. Additionally, all teachers at our school perform regularly. Sometimes, that’s a university ensemble. Other times is solo gigs at local restaurants. Still other times it’s huge Opera performances at large concert halls. The best part about our diverse group of teachers is that you can catch them every week somewhere new! Ask your teacher today about his or her next performance. See how we are contributing to the live music scene in Tampa.

Next, our education offerings are curated. Since we employ well-rounded teachers, it’s simple to offer a well-rounded approach. At your first lesson, your teacher will listen to why you are pursuing voice lessons in Tampa. We will listen to a song you already know, evaluating your natural strengths (and weaknesses!). Your teacher will want to hear all about the styles that interest you and your goals as a musician.

From that point on, your teacher will get to work selecting music and lesson content that both interests and informs. We don’t use the same book for each student. Sometimes, our teachers are even learning new pieces for their students! Practicing will be something you want to do. You’ll advance as a musician with ease because your lessons are completely crafted for YOU.

Last, you need our voice lessons in Tampa because we are convenient! All of our lessons take place in our students’ homes. Do you want a lesson at 5:00pm on a weekday? Done. No traffic for you. Perhaps, you’d like a lesson on Saturday mornings or Sunday evenings? At Barrett School of Music, you’re not subject to a building’s office hours.

Let our teachers come to your living room for your weekly lesson. Furthermore, we travel all over Hillsborough County. From South Tampa to the Heights to FishHawk to Carrollwood and beyond. We pride ourselves as the most convenient music school in Tampa. Try us out and see for yourself!

Contact us today to sign up to work with a Tampa vocal coach and start your voice lessons!

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 We Offer


Our vocalists are confident performers, poised for success.


From beginner to virtuoso, our team lays a strong foundation for each student's progress.


Our teachers are versatile in chords, reading and improvising. Learn the styles you love the most.


We create Concertmasters. Period.


Our students range from competitive orchestra students to adult beginners.


Master the alto clef and play the instrument you love.


Our teachers teach on all types of drum kits with precision and perfect technique.


Our teachers offer both upright and electric bass lessons.

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