Music Summer Camp in Tampa - Rock Band

Join our Tampa music school for our 2024 music summer camp in Tampa! This summer, we'll feature a week of rocking out with your bandmates as well as songwriting and arranging. Would your child fit right in with a neighborhood garage band? Is your child constantly coming up with their own little melodies? We have the perfect 2024 music summer camp in Tampa for you!

Music  Summer Camp in Tampa - Rock Band

REGISTER NOW - July 1st-3rdREGISTER NOW - July 22nd-26th

2024 Rock Band:

Music Summer Camp in Tampa!

Join us for our very own Rock Band. This Music Summer Camp is Tampa’s best camp for your creative music lover.

What to Expect
First and foremost, you should expect a happy camper! Our students return every year to their favorite 2024 music summer camp in Tampa.

Rock Band
Our music summer camp in Tampa will be hands on instruments! We're taking drummers, bassists, guitarists, pianists and vocalists of all ages. We'll form individual bands based on age and skill level too. 

Students will learn familiar pieces, ranging from pop songs on the radio like Taylor Swift and Fall Out Boy. Plus Classics like Metallica and Queen. We'll even take requests from our campers!

By the end of the week, students will also have expanded their ability to read chord sheets, listen to other musicians, tempo and blend. It's a great all around education for both self-taught kids and those in private lessons already.

Camp Dates:
July 1st-3rd
July 22nd-26th

Camp times: 9:00am – 3:30pm
(All students must pack a lunch. Refrigeration and microwaving available upon request.)

Location: Barrett School of Music

Cost: $150 (July 1st-3rd)
$250 (July 22nd-26th)

Ages for Rock Band: 8-15

Ask us about sibling discounts.

Questions? Call us at 813-999-2829
REGISTER NOW - July 1st-3rdREGISTER NOW - July 22nd-26th
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