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Bass Guitar Lessons In tampa

Sign up for private bass guitar lessons with us for weekly bass classes in the Tampa Bay area with our personable music teachers. In fact, we offer lessons for students of all ages.

Highlights of our Tampa Bass Guitar lessons

Our Teachers

Our teachers are all college-educated musicians, holding or working toward undergraduate and graduate music degrees.  Strong academic backgrounds in music give us the skill to teach through many contexts.

At-home lessons

Private bass guitar lessons from the convenience of your home. Learn to play bass, at a place and a time that works for you!

Individual Education

We don’t do cookie-cutter. Therefore, our teachers don’t use the same bass guitar method book at each lesson.


When you register with us, we will meet your scheduling needs. No fighting traffic. No waiting around or entertaining your other children in a strange place.

Most Loved in Tampa

we are the most loved music school in Tampa! Not just according to us, our staff, parents, and students. Hula Frog has awarded us the Most Loved music school in Tampa for the last two years!


Everyone has a different learning style and learns at a different pace. Our teachers adjust our bass lessons to your needs.

 About Our Bass Guitar Lessons in Tampa 

Barrett School of Music offers bass guitar lessons in Tampa. And, guess what? We will come to you to teach any age or skill level how to play the electric bass. Meaning, all of our lessons are taught in students’ homes. Plus, our stylistic offerings are diverse. Our electric bass students study everything from Johnny Cash to Red Hot Chili Peppers or Metal to Rock and beyond. Tell us the artist or song you love. We will give you the education to play the bass with ease.

Bass lessons at our top Tampa music school are fun! Enrollment is open all year for at-home bass classes in Tampa.

Contact Barrett School of Music to schedule your first private bass lesson in Tampa!

Upright Bass Lessons in Tampa

By contrast, our upright bass lessons in Tampa are also a best seller. For instance, we have middle school students studying in their school orchestra. 

However, some of our kids love crossover string music, like The Piano Guys. Yet, still others are jazz lovers, practicing stylistic standards. Whatever your unique musical passions may be, our teachers will get you there. Find out more about our all star team next…

Learn to Play Bass and Upright Bass With the Most Qualified Teachers in Tampa!

We love our teaching team! It would be impossible to maintain such wide offerings without the most skilled bass teachers in Tampa in our music school. All Barrett School of Music teachers hold or are actively working toward a music degree from a major university. What’s more, they are all active performers in the community. We’ve got it all, from the USF Symphoic Orchestra, to Saint Pete Opera to Happy Hour at American Social. You can catch us anywhere and everywhere, practicing what we love.

So, when a student asks for Red Hot Chili Peppers, we’ve got it. Then, if another student is working on Classical upright bass, we’ve got that covered too. We love the creativity our students bring to the table. Moreover, we love giving them the tools for musical success.

Bass Lessons For Beginners in Tampa

Maybe, you’re reading through, but you don’t have specific goals yet. Perhaps, you don’t own your instrument yet. You’re not sure of the trajectory. You just know you’re a beginner. Well, we love beginners too!

Barrett School of Music teaches private bass lessons to many beginners. In fact, beginning bass students can be kids, teens or adults. We will teach age-appropriate fundamentals for electric and upright bass. That includes bowing technique, crossing strings and finger technique on upright bass. For electric bass, beginning technique is scales, ear training finger technique (again!).

When you register for our upright bass or bass lessons in Tampa, you also have tons of performance opportunities. Join us for the National Federation of Music Clubs Festival. Perform for our large end of the year recital. Share your favorite holiday piece at our holiday concert. We have plenty of options for you. Plus, we offer tons of camps, classes and workshops to enhance your education. Join our summer rock band. Try out our bass master class. There’s something for everyone. We’d love to curate your experience.

Getting Started With Our Bass Lessons in Tampa

Are you feeling excited? Or curious? Would you like to just give it a try? Barrett School of Music does not require a contract. Additionally, we don’t have a registration fee. All of our music lessons in Tampa are month to month. We love to be convenient, and we pride ourselves on customer service. Are you ready?

Contact us today to sign up to learn to play bass!

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Our vocalists are confident performers, poised for success.


From beginner to virtuoso, our team lays a strong foundation for each student's progress.


Our teachers are versatile in chords, reading and improvising. Learn the styles you love the most.


We create Concertmasters. Period.


Our students range from competitive orchestra students to adult beginners.


Master the alto clef and play the instrument you love.


Our teachers teach on all types of drum kits with precision and perfect technique.


Our teachers offer both upright and electric bass lessons.

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