Musical theater Summer Camp in Tampa

Are you looking for a music summer camp in Tampa for your student who is obsessed with Broadway shows? Our Musical Theater summer camp (from July 26th-30th) is one you won’t want to miss!
students dancing at a 2020 music summer camp in Tampa

Musical Theater Summer Camp


2021 Musical Theater Summer Camp In Tampa

Are you looking for a music summer camp in Tampa? Is your student obsessed with Broadway shows? Or, has your child expressed an interest in stage tech or design? Does your child have a big imagination or a silly personality? Maybe you’ve already dabbled in singing, acting or dancing, and it’s time to fuse them together. Perhaps your student is considering auditioning with their school or theater company in the fall. Whatever the case, our Musical Theater summer camp is one you won’t want to miss!

The Content
Join Krysten, our all-star musical theater coach, voice teacher extraordinaire and audition specialist. Your students will spend the week focusing on acting exercises and stage presence. Plus, we will curate the perfect monologue for each student based on skills and personality.

We will also take a look at common dance steps included in auditions and group performances. Naturally, your child will possess greater confidence if he/she is already comfortable with the building blocks of a choreographed sequence.

Unlike any other music summer camp in Tampa, we will take an individual look at each student’s technique using one-on-one mini voice lessons. We will highlight and resolve poor practices. Plus, our amazing teaching team will educate students in healthy vocal control, projection and balance.

Additionally, this year we will have simultaneous sessions geared toward stage management. Many of our students participate backstage at their school’s theater department. So, we’ve got a space for everyone to hone their skills! Students seeking to learn backstage management and tech will split time between hands on sessions with our theater tech team as well as dabbling in the elements of musical theater they enjoy. Meaning, tech students can choose acting, dancing or singing to jump into, in addition to backstage programming.

Finally, we will combine each element of musical theater to recreate excerpts from well loved shows!

high school students performing at a musical theater summer camp in tampa

The Stage
At the end of the week, we will entertain friends and family with a live performance. Students will showcase solo and small group work voluntarily in addition to the large group repertoire at the camp location, CAVU on Friday.

Our Musical Theater Music Summer Camp in Tampa is going to be a showstopper!

Camp Dates: July 26th-30th

Camp Times: 9am – 12pm

Location: CL Space

Cost: $200

Optional Full day add on 
Bundle our Musical Theater Summer Camp with our GarageBand Music Summer Camp for a full day camp, 9am-3:30pm. (students bring lunch)

Ask us about sibling discounts.

Call or text us at 813-999-2829

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