July 27, 2018

Good Practice Habits

When it comes to practicing music, there are many tips to help our Tampa and Miami music students be successful in their instrument of choice. Today, our private music teachers share some of our favorite good practice habits.

Quality Over Quantity

Many students might think that they must practice for hours on end, but in reality, it is not the duration of the practice, it is the quality of practice. In order to advance and make progress, it is important to make sure that each practice is completely focused. This could mean turning off the cell phone or the TV for an hour.

Practice Makes Permanent

We know the saying goes 'practice makes perfect', but truly in the arts practice makes permanent. If you practice it incorrectly for too long, it may become a hard habit to break come performance time. Mistakes are inevitable when first learning a piece so don't get discouraged; just use our next tip...

Take Notes

If a student is having an issue with a piece that has been assigned, it can be helpful to make a mental note or jot down a question so it can be addressed at their next at-home music lesson. Something that can also be beneficial to a student’s practicing success is making sure to break up a piece into sections. This makes it easier for a student to perfect each chunk so that when it is put all together, it does not seem so daunting of a task.

Enjoy Your Instrument

Most importantly, practicing should be a time for a student to enjoy their instrument, have fun, and improve their musical abilities!

Ready to learn to play your favorite instrument and put these good practice tips to work for yourself? Contact Barrett School of Music today to find an at-home music class to learn piano, guitar, violin, voice, and so much more. Our Tampa and Miami music teachers look forward to hearing from you!

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