Advanced Vocalist Invitational

Unveiling our exclusive program for the seasoned vocalists among us.

Advanced Vocalist Invitational

Introducing the Barrett School of Music: Advanced Vocalist Invitational

Unveiling our exclusive program for the seasoned vocalists among us: The Advanced Vocalist Invitational. This elite camp, held August 5th-9th 2024, is an invitation-only opportunity for those aged 11 and above with a passion for vocal performance.

What to Expect:

Hosted by Enoch Terry: Immerse yourself in a world of vocal excellence guided by Enoch Terry, one of our most distinguished instructors. With a Bachelor’s of Music Degree in Vocal Performance from Southeastern University, Enoch brings mastery in Classical technique, Stage performance, Musical theater repertoire, and Music theory to elevate your vocal prowess.

For the More Advanced: Tailored for experienced singers, this invitational focuses on refining skills, delving into individual performance workshops, and fostering growth in a coaching environment.

Project-Based Learning: Bring your individual projects and receive personalized guidance to enhance your vocal repertoire. This is your opportunity to elevate your craft with hands-on, focused attention.

Extended Master Class Experience: Immerse yourself in an extended master class setting, designed to nurture your talent and provide a unique platform for growth and refinement.

Special Guest Master Class: Brace yourself for additional inspiration as we welcoming a special guest master class, adding another layer of expertise to your learning experience.

End of Week Showcase:

Conclude the week with a spectacular showcase, where you can flaunt your refined skills in front of a supportive audience. It's not just a camp; it's a stage for your talent to shine. Invite friends and family to applaud your hard work and accomplishments!

How to Join:

While it's invitation-only, Please feel free to reach out to us to see if you are a good fit for the camp. If you're over 11 and possess a background in vocal performance, the stage is set for your participation.

Elevate your vocal journey with the Barrett School of Music: Advanced Vocalist Invitational. Limited spots available for an intensive and transformative week. Don't miss your chance to refine, showcase, and shine.

Camp Dates: August 5th-9th

Camp Times: 9:00am – 3:30pm
(All attendees must pack a lunch. Refrigeration and microwaving available.)

Location: Barrett School of Music

Cost: $250

Ages: 11 and up
This Intensive will be geared towards adults as well as more advanced young performers.

Questions? Call us at 813-999-2829

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