July 5, 2018

Picking Out the Perfect Audition Monologue for Musical Theater Classes in Tampa

Picking Out the Perfect Audition Monologue for Musical Theater Classes in Tampa

On almost any audition you embark on, you have to choose the perfect monologue. Perhaps, you're auditioning for musical theater classes in Tampa or even a theater production. Monologues can be overwhelming to most actors because you do not have another actor to work with.  But don’t be scared. It’s very important to be prepared and choose a monologue that shows off your talent and the type of person you are. Here are some helpful tips that will help you choose your perfect monologue.

5 Monologue Tips for Musical Theater Classes in Tampa

  1. Find your fit. Auditions are meant to show what makes you stand out, so be true to yourself! What's your personality like? Are you bubbly and outgoing? Maybe you're silly. Even if you're awkward, there are great monologues for you. Use your strengths. Bring out the qualities you already love about yourself. You can also narrow down your choice by selecting an age-appropriate  work.
  2. Include an “arc” or storyline. Never do a monologue that is one-note and only shows one emotion throughout your audition. This will never work out very well. Choose a monologue that has a story. What picture does the monologue paint? Make sure to emphasize the twists and turns. Show a range of emotion.
  3. Keep it short and sweet. Most monologues will be between one and two minutes. Pick a section that you are most intrigued by. Don't stress if your cut is a little under or over the designated time frame. The important part is the content. Make your moments matter with the story line you create. Pick the monologue for the content that suits you. Then, run with it! Don't focus on the seconds. Make your minute (or two) count.
  4. Know who you are talking to. It’s important to get into character. Who is your character speaking to? Is it a group? What is the conversation like? Is it secretive? Perhaps it’s jovial. This nuances dictate where you focus your eyes. Should you look in the distance? How often should you shift your gaze?If you don’t know who you are talking to or you don’t know the meaning behind your words, your audience won’t either. This is one of the most important lessons to learn.
  5. Build your repertoire. You might have to come prepared to perform multiple monologues or change your monologue last minute. For example, maybe you went into an audition with a serious monologue, but the director would light to see a different side of you. It is a great idea to start finding multiple “Serio-comedic” monologues that fit your personality. Almost all auditions for a musical theater class in Tampa hold the possibility of adaptation. However, this is an easy preparation to make! Work with our voice teacher in Tampa for the most thorough preparation.

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Check out two of our students from our Musical Theater Summer Camp this past July! Here they are reading through a skit for the first time. Ali and Megan love participating in musical theater classes in Tampa. And we love to support them with voice lessons in Tampa and all of our classes and camps.

1 Extra Tip

Are you interested in pursuing acting or have a love for music and the arts? Maybe, you’d just like the best security walking into an audition. At Barrett School of Music, we help students realize their dreams of singing and/or playing a musical instrument in the Tampa area. Meet an amazing voice teacher in Tampa here. We will give you the best preparation for a musical theater class in Tampa.

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