Piano Lessons in Tampa

Piano Lessons in Tampa

Piano Lessons in Tampa With Skilled Teachers

Are you thinking about piano lessons in Tampa for your child or yourself? If you’re looking for piano lessons in Tampa or anywhere in Hillsborough county, then look no further! Barrett School of Music is Tampa’s top music school. Plus, our local music teachers come to you for Tampa piano lessons at home.

Sign up for private piano lessons with us for weekly piano classes in the Tampa Bay area with our personable music teachers. In fact, we offer lessons for students of all ages.

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Meet Our Amazing Team, Offering Piano Lessons in Tampa

Simply put, our teachers will be your favorite! No one will fight over practicing. Kids and adults in our music school in Tampa love to practice between lessons.

Why? Because each of our students receives an individual education. We don’t do cookie-cutter. Therefore, our teachers don’t use the same piano method book at each lesson. Our students vary. They are different ages and skill levels. Some kids are doing 100 extra curricular activities. Some are solely focused on music. Also, they learn at different paces. Plus, everyone has a different learning style. Often, our adult piano students are interested in a very specific genre or even a specific song. So, how can one book accommodate all this? It can’t.

Sometimes, we use method books. Or, we may use sheet music. If a student is loving a particular movie score, we may sit in that book for a while. If your student hates music theory, we may not start off with a layered music theory book. First and foremost, we teach the student through engagement. And that’s personalized. It has to be.

How can we offer such diversity? Because our teachers are balanced educators. Meaning, every instructor has or is working toward a music degree. Their academic knowledge is cream of the crop! Thus, we can offer high quality technique, even if we need to hide it in a Star Wars song. Strong academic backgrounds in music give us the skill to teach through many contexts. Also, all of our educators are also active performers throughout the Tampa Bay area. Many of our students visit their teachers at their own orchestra performances, solo recitals, and gigs at popular restaurants. This gives the student a musical role model. Plus, it keeps them in touch with their own goals.

Why Learn to Play Piano At Home

In home piano lessons are convenient and efficient! You don’t need to get every person in your house out the door on time. There’s no traffic to fight. Plus, you don’t lose any time with a commute. And, you can even get some things done around the house. Otherwise, you’d be in a waiting room, staring at your phone during your child’s piano lesson.

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Benefits of Piano Lessons

Studies have shown music lessons have a significant impact on a child’s early development. Children who take piano lessons learn memorization skills, the importance of practice, how to read music and the life-lasting skill of believing in themselves. And these skills complement what they are learning in school or preschool.

For instance, we learn fractions in music through note values. But, we don’t call it fractions or even math. It’s just music! Each note value is proportionate to other note values. We have 1st graders who easily divide the beat into halves and quarters. So, when they get the fractions in school, guess who is ahead of the curve? So learning to play piano can actually improve your child’s grades!

Give your child a more well-rounded education and sign up for private piano lessons!