Piano Lessons in Tampa

student taking piano lessons in Tampa

Private Piano Lessons With Skilled Teachers

Are you thinking about starting piano lessons for your child or yourself? If you’re looking for piano lessons in Tampa, FL, St. Petersburg, FL, or the Brandon, FL area, then look no further! Barrett School of Music is Tampa’s top music school. Plus, our local music teachers come to you for Tampa piano lessons at home.

Sign up for private piano lessons with us for weekly, individualized piano classes in the Tampa Bay area and Brandon, FL with our personable, experienced, qualified music teachers. In fact, we offer lessons for students of all ages.

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Why Learn to Play Piano At Home

In home piano lessons are convenient and efficient! You don’t need to get every person in your house out the door on time. There’s no traffic to fight, and you can even get some things done around the house if you want instead of waiting around and staring at your phone during your child’s piano lesson.

Additionally, piano lessons with our Tampa music school cost much less than sending your kid or teen to a traditional music school. Often, our classes range between $15 and $70 per hour.

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Benefits of Piano Lessons

Studies have shown music lessons have a significant impact on a child’s early development. Children who take piano lessons learn memorization skills, the importance of practice, how to read music and the life-lasting skill of believing in themselves. And these skills complement what they are learning in school or preschool. So learning to play piano can actually improve your child’s grades!

Give your child a more well-rounded education and sign up for private piano lessons!

About Our Tampa Music School

Barrett School of Music (based in South Tampa) is led by Music Director Laura Hollis. She began playing the piano when she was 4 and is passionate about teaching piano. She holds a BA in Music Studies from the University of South Florida (USF). Her degree emphasizes Opera and Music History.

Barrett School of Music offers flexible classes that help each student reach their musical potential in the privacy of their own home. Furthermore. our Tampa music teachers provide quality instruction to all levels of piano students.

The teachers at Tampa’s Barrett School of Music are a variety of experienced and highly qualified piano teachers who have studied music and continuously perform and hone their skills in the Tampa Bay area. All music teachers share our mission to provide high-quality piano lessons in a fun, flexible, comfortable at home environment.