August 3, 2020

Tampa Piano Lessons Teach How-to Improve Posture and More!

In our Tampa piano lessons, students don't just learn how to play the keys. They also learn how to look and feel their best while performing! But, many kids and teens who are interested in piano start with youtube videos. These videos may show students the basics of playing. However the real benefit of personal teaching is the opportunity to get real-time feedback!

Practice Makes Perfect...Posture!

The piano is one of those instruments that anyone can play. All you have to do is hit the key, and the sound exists! But playing a song properly is not that simple. A pianist must think about how they sit one the bench, their overall posture, and the curve of their hands. In addition to those things, the way a pianist begins playing is also important. Our Tampa piano classes include valuable lessons on technique, like this one from Brandon!

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In this how-to, Brandon teaches us about how a pianist should position themselves for proper playing. The player should avoid sitting too close to the keys. Instead, they should create some distance between their body and the instrument. In order to do so, pianists should sit at the front edge of their bench. The player's feet should be flat on the floor or on a stool. As a result of those positioning, the musician can have full control of the entire keyboard.

When it comes to hand position, everyone has perspectives. In some Tampa piano classes, teachers tell students to pretend they're holding a baseball. Others tell students to place their hands over their knees in order to create a curve. Brandon teaches a technique that is a bit more natural and unique. The player can hang their arms down to their side, and let their fingers naturally curve.

Why is Technique Important?

Our teachers focus on techniques like these during their Tampa piano classes! This ensures that the student does not carry any unnecessary tension while playing. Because extra tension in the body can lead to less controlled playing, muscle soreness, and possible injury.

Having proper technique helps the player control their instrument. The piano has more than just keys. In fact, there are many parts that make up a piano. Each of the keys are connected to a small hammer. And when the keys are pushed, the hammer hits a string. This is where the sound comes from! They way the pianist hits each key makes a huge difference in the sound of the piano.

For example, if the player hits the key lightly, the sound will be at a piano or pianissimo (meaning soft or very soft). If the player hits the key harder, the sound will be at a forte or fortissimo (meaning loud or very loud). In addition to these, students in our Tampa piano classes learn a variety of Italian musical terms.

Tampa Piano Lessons Make us Happy

A great woman once said "Exercise gives your endorphins. Endorphins make you happy". Playing piano does the same thing! Students in our Tampa piano lessons leave each performance feeling confident and proud of what they've achieved. A musician can feel this happiness after a great practice session, or simply after mastering a tough phrase.

Having structured and scheduled lessons can also reduce stress. Students have a set amount of time every week that they don't need to worry about anything but playing an instrument. And many of them see their practice time as a break from regular schoolwork!

Speaking of schoolwork, playing an instrument has also been shown to improve test scores and success in academics! Students who play an instrument experience a variety of benefits. These can include better time management skills, communication skills, and coordination. In addition to these, musicians also tend to have an easier time learning new languages!

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