February 1, 2020

2021 Tampa Music Summer Camp - String Chamber Ensemble

2021 Tampa Music Summer Camp - String Chamber Ensemble

Are you looking for the best Tampa music summer camp? Is your child in a youth orchestra or a school ensemble? Maybe, they would like to be in the orchestra but feel unprepared. Perhaps, your child is a seasoned professional in their ensemble, and they want to sit first chair next school year. Or, maybe you child has taken lessons but never been in an ensemble before.

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Our String Chamber Ensemble

Whatever the case, our string chamber ensemble will be their favorite 2020 Tampa music summer camp. Plus they’ll come out with incredible advancements on their instrument. Our teachers are curating the perfect repertoire for a chamber ensemble. They are experts educators with a concentrated background in private lessons, as well as ensemble work. We will focus on each student’s execution and technique to build transferable skills. And this is something your student can take with them to class in the fall.

Check out our kids from last year performing the main theme from Pirates of The Caribbean! This is our family and friends show at the Wellswood Civic Center.

The Content

During this week long 2021 Tampa music summer camp, students will be working in sectionals. Meaning, all of the basses will spend time on their unique part as well as the violas, cellos and violins. We will bring in guest performers on each instrument to both inspire our students and give them a break from all of their own music.

In addition, we will provide mini lessons to improve reading and interpretation. Plus, we will correct technique for each student. This individualized time will be a huge contributor to accelerating each student's audition potential in the fall.

New this year, our music school is simultaneously offering a 2021 Tampa music summer camp focused on musical theater. Therefore, we plan to teach our string students a Broadway piece. Then, our musical theater students and string chamber students will perform together at week's end!

The Performances

Also, we will be teaching professionalism and performing etiquette by holding a performance at the end of the week. Family and friends are welcome to join us at the end of the day on Friday for a combined performance. First, our string chamber students will perform their chamber pieces. Then, we'll bring out our musical theater students for a combined final number!

This is one 2021 Tampa music summer camp you won’t want to miss!

Camp dates: July 19th-23rd

Camp times: 1:00pm - 4:00pm

@Wellswood Civic Center

Cost: $175

Ages 9 - 17

Ask us about sibling discounts.

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