Voice, Drums, Guitar, Electric Bass, Piano 

Dustin Uhrig

Dustin Uhrig, fondly known as Dusty, embodies a lifelong passion for creativity and music, shaped by his upbringing immersed in classic rock melodies and surrounded by antique art. Over two decades, Dusty has honed his skills across multiple instruments, including guitar, drums, bass, and piano, infusing each
chord and beat with unwavering dedication.Music, for Dusty, transcends entertainment–it's a profound force that evokes
emotion, fosters connections, and transforms lives. Whether performing with friends in local bands, collaborating in A Cappella groups, or acting in leading roles in musical theater productions like "Hairspray," Dusty finds joy and fulfillment on every stage. In his professional journey, Dusty has flourished under the mentorship of industry veterans like Bill Stevens at Ovation Sound recording studio or Liz May of Soundlizzard Productions. Liz's testimony to “[Dusty's] creativity, determination, and strong interpersonal skills highlights his ability to excel both in collaborative environments and in client-facing roles”. Dusty proved his wide array of skills by creating and co-producing a multitude of large scale events and festivals. Handling everything from technical production to creative directing for artists. As an educator at Kre8ivU Multimedia Academy, Dusty shared his passion for music with students, guiding them in music production and witnessing the transformative power of education and the arts. Dusty's ability to go beyond the material and inspire creativity in his students speaks volumes about his commitment to nurturing the next generation of musicians. Throughout his journey, Dusty has been humbled by recognition and praise from peers and mentors alike. From accolades for his performances to commendations for his dedication to teaching, each acknowledgment reinforces Dusty's well-rounded approach and drive for success. With each strum of the guitar and each beat of the drum, Dusty continues to pave his path in the music industry, eager to leave a lasting impact on both the industry and the lives he touches.


Music Theory, Performance Techique & Etiquette, Music Fundamentals 


Citrus Park, South Tampa

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