October 1, 2019

Guitar Classes in Tampa - Have You Tried a Master Class?

Popular Types of Guitar Classes in Tampa

There are so many guitar classes in Tampa today! And that is a great thing. As a music school in Tampa, we love to see the arts growing in our city. The accessibility is a huge factor, too.

If you’ve been teaching yourself on YouTube, you may opt into a jam class or group guitar class. These are so fun! Guitar classes in Tampa that focus on playing together are a fantastic recreational outlet. However, that alone is not usually enough to maintain a student’s interest. Plus, many parents grow frustrated as their child doesn’t advance as a musician from this type of class.

Private guitar lessons in Tampa is a focal point for us. Yet, it’s a delicate balance. Specifically, we as teachers balance a thorough music education with our student’s enjoyment. And that looks different for every single student. We teach guitar lessons in Tampa to adults, 5 year olds, middle school rockers, high school Classical guitarists and more. The list could go on forever! Our students are unique, and so are their preferences. We love the creativity required to keep them all happy and growing.

***But there’s new format for guitar classes in Tampa***

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The Master Class

Have you ever heard of a Master Class? Probably not. We don’t hear this term used much outside of collegiate music circles, where we all came from. In fact, a music Master Class is almost exclusively used between college students and professors. But we’re bringing it to you!

Generally, a Master Class focuses on one instrument. The duration is short, say one hour. During the class, a student performs one or more songs, worked to perfection. Then, a professor who doesn’t ordinarily teach them comes up on the stage. The professor will dissect the piece(s) in front of the audience. Furthermore, the student will employ new techniques right there on the stage. Essentially, the performance has turned into a lesson.

Things We Love About a Master Class

We absolutely love the combination of a lesson and a performance. This is a totally unique approach to guitar lessons in Tampa. It’s two things at once! This is an excellent exercise in focus.

Kids grow up into adults with jobs. Those jobs have pressure. The ability to learn with a (small) audience applies some pressure. But it’s comfortable! Because it’s not a straight performance, students get some pressure to listen and then react. We love teaching life skills!

Plus, you get to make new friends. Many students who take private lessons miss the social element of music. Meet kids your age who play the same instrument! Set up some jam sessions of your own. Learn some duets or small ensemble pieces. There’s a fantastic opportunity for musical growth.

Things Our Music School in Tampa is Changing About the Master Class

We have big plans for our Master Class! Ideally, this is a great first “performance” opportunity for young or nervous students. Our partner and venue, Village Square is a classroom-like space. No stage. No lights. And the huge crowd is just a couple of peers. Our goal is to minimize the performance element.

Also, everyone is bringing their guitars! As our amazing teachers are introducing new concepts to one student, everyone is playing along. It’s not so on-the-spot. We will create more of a group lesson feel. Plus, we will ask for everyone’s input. We will ask if anyone else has tried a particular technique. Maybe, we will ask an older student to demonstrate. Additionally, everyone may break off into pairs for new skills. The focus won’t be quite so singular.

So, what’s not to love?!

Join our music school in Tampa for this premiere event. Enhance your guitar lessons in Tampa. Engage the guitar player in your home.


Details for our Fall Master Class Series:

Guitar Master Class is October 13th at 5pm

Voice Master Class is October 20th at 5pm

Location is Village Square

101 Westshore Plaza

Bring your guitar and friends! This event is free to attend.


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