August 14, 2018

Opportunities to Perform in Your Community

Parents of students are always asking about extra performance opportunities for their extra ambitious musicians. First of all, if your child really wants to perform, this is great, and it’s really important to get them in front of a crowd as soon as possible! You’ll want to boost their confidence and help them gain experience while the idea is exciting and fun to them. Of course, there is a fine line between encouraging your child to perform and pressuring them (We’ve all heard the term Stage Parent! Haha). Besides the great opportunities to perform in our studio, there are many more to choose from in our very own community.

  1. Nursing Homes - This is a great way to gain performance experience AND help brighten someone’s day. Many nursing homes in the Tampa Bay area would be delighted to welcome volunteers to come provide entertainment for its occupants. Singers, pianists and various instrumentalists are typically in high demand. Vocalists who can accompany themselves, small ensembles, and solo instrumentalists are typically the best acts to bring to a nursing home. Can’t find an accompanist for your singer? Playing recorded tracks for accompaniment may be enough. Some facilities may specify the length of performance given, but they all will be delighted to welcome a performer,  brightening up the day for its occupants.
  1. Community Theater – Community theaters such as the Carrollwood Playhouse on Gunn Highway and Masque Theatre in Temple Terrace will have open auditions for teens and children. You can go to various theater websites and sign up for their mailing list to be notified on upcoming productions and auditions. Singers, keep a look out for those musical theater productions and instrumentalists may also be needed for the orchestra.
  1. Schools – Most kids and teens in our area attend public or private school. If your musician attends one with a great music and theater program, then all the better! There will almost always be performance opportunities for your child in an academic setting. Get involved and stay up to date on productions, talent shows,  events, etc where the music and theater department are asking for talented kiddos to come forward. Then encourage your ambitious one to audition.
  1. Places of Worship – Churches, synagogues, and countless places of worship love to have young performers participate in their sacred music programs. Many have children and youth choirs already established. If you already attend a place of worship, encourage your young performer to join the choir and speak up when it comes to solos! There will most likely be opportunities for instrumentalists as well. Encourage your young performer to offer up their skills and most often, they will find a welcoming response. Your child can even work with their private music teacher to come up with appropriate solo and ensemble ideas to bring to a sacred music director.

At Barrett School of Music, our teachers are constantly performing their craft from drums to piano. We love helping our at-home students become more confident in their music performance ability. Start learning to play today!

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